Kodular hangs at "20 Establishing Secure Connection"

After reading the qrcode with Compenion, the kodular creator hangs on the message “20 Establishing Secure Connection”

And I can’t test the app.


In fact status.kodular.io is down too​:no_mouth:
It’s alright.
Probably some problem with your internet connection.
EDIT: Tested and working fine for me.
Try re-installing Companion.


The companion connection doesn’t complete establishing. It stops establishing at 20% . It was working yesterday but today it doesn’t work !complaint


I was also getting same error today for some minutes, but after i clear the data of Companion, it started working…

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Goto crome setting & clean all data, again login with Kodular and try

I established the connection successfully with Mozilla Firefox browser. Chrome was working correctly yesterday so I think the problem is in Chrome last update. After connecting successfully with Firefox, I tested Chrome but the problem is still existing in Chrome.

How did you clear the data of Companion? I re-installed Companion but in vain.

I did that but in vain

Having the same issue.
Companion hangs at 20%
Tried clearing all data on chrome, reinstalled companion still companion hangs at 20%
Tried using Firefox get error An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?

Desperately waiting for guidance

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Try by creating new project, if it connects properly then your main project is probably broken…

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I usually clear data of the companion, then delete the “Makeroid” folder in /storage/emulated/0.
If nothing works, I would try to open a test project because the original project might be corrupted (happened to me once)

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Thanks for the feedback
I have deleted the Makeroid folder
How do I clear data of companion?
I have uninstalled companion and installed again, still hangs.
I have deleted the project and uploaded a working backup, still hangs.
How do I clear data of companion? This is what I have not done. Can you please show me how?

Which device do you use? This varies from device to device

Did you try this

otherwise you may have encountered this

kodular companion stuck at 20 %


Which browser are you using? I suggest using Firefox, Chrome doesn’t work well with Kodular.


Just uninstall it and reinstall it

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Chrome browser

Yaa Mine Too

From Yesterday It Get Stop on 20% I Also Tried to Clear data & Cache Data but nothing Happen.

I am Trying Now But Still it stop 20% I also Trying in PC but It doesn’t work here too


I was tried but still same problem