Kodular hangs at "20 Establishing Secure Connection"

After reading the qrcode with Compenion, the kodular creator hangs on the message “20 Establishing Secure Connection”

And I can’t test the app.


In fact status.kodular.io is down too​:no_mouth:
It’s alright.
Probably some problem with your internet connection.
EDIT: Tested and working fine for me.
Try re-installing Companion.


The companion connection doesn’t complete establishing. It stops establishing at 20% . It was working yesterday but today it doesn’t work !complaint


I was also getting same error today for some minutes, but after i clear the data of Companion, it started working…


Goto crome setting & clean all data, again login with Kodular and try

I established the connection successfully with Mozilla Firefox browser. Chrome was working correctly yesterday so I think the problem is in Chrome last update. After connecting successfully with Firefox, I tested Chrome but the problem is still existing in Chrome.

How did you clear the data of Companion? I re-installed Companion but in vain.

I did that but in vain

Having the same issue.
Companion hangs at 20%
Tried clearing all data on chrome, reinstalled companion still companion hangs at 20%
Tried using Firefox get error An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?

Desperately waiting for guidance


Try by creating new project, if it connects properly then your main project is probably broken…

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I usually clear data of the companion, then delete the “Makeroid” folder in /storage/emulated/0.
If nothing works, I would try to open a test project because the original project might be corrupted (happened to me once)

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Thanks for the feedback
I have deleted the Makeroid folder
How do I clear data of companion?
I have uninstalled companion and installed again, still hangs.
I have deleted the project and uploaded a working backup, still hangs.
How do I clear data of companion? This is what I have not done. Can you please show me how?

Which device do you use? This varies from device to device

Did you try this

otherwise you may have encountered this

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kodular companion stuck at 20 %


Which browser are you using? I suggest using Firefox, Chrome doesn’t work well with Kodular.


Just uninstall it and reinstall it

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Chrome browser

Yaa Mine Too

From Yesterday It Get Stop on 20% I Also Tried to Clear data & Cache Data but nothing Happen.

I am Trying Now But Still it stop 20% I also Trying in PC but It doesn’t work here too


I was tried but still same problem