N.B, note, observe, notice Chrome might delete your blocks (Use Firefox)

Doe to our accidental discovery Chrome (and every chromium based browser) might delete your blocks from your project, few/part or in worst case all.

I don’t want to alarm you because this is only relevant if you are using Do It on result components or adding some strange character to TEXT-string block (only in BLOCKS section) and as far as I know, components with return value that may cause this (BT, Barcode, Arduino, NFC) but there might be other components as well…

E.g. project brokentest.aia (2.6 KB)


To avoid this, just delete/remove the Do It result comment and/or delete it from the text string block as fast as you can when working with blocks.

If not, chromium based browser will delete blocks in this case and as I said above (few/part or in worst case all) while Firefox will at least throw an Error (the blocks area did not load properly) however, this is still fixable while with chromium based browser you might lose everything and if you don’t have backup then you’re screwed, you will have to redo your stuff…

Result in Chrome as you see some blocks are gone

What you should see

To be on the safe side my advice is, use Firefox…


Thanks for informing this.

Of course, my usage for block based builders Firefox 99,9%

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Btw, it is not only Kodular that is affected by this but ALL builders out there


@eps_prieur thanks to your project we found this bug.
Btw, create a copy of that project you sent us, now try loading it in chromium based browser, you will see that you lost 1500 blocks.

@Vaibhav thanks to you to by participating on the challenge of broken project Telegram: Contact @KodularGroup.


Tested brokentest.aia on App Inventor, running Chromium on Xubuntu Linux, in Companion, ran Do It on most of the blocks, restarted a couple of times, everything works…?

Yep, blocks missing now I have followed that pattern :frowning:

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Thank you very much Boban

Hmm. That was the reason for me losing over 100 blocks in my App CoronaInfo. I thought it was Kodular’s issue. But, here we can see that the issue is mine. Thanks.

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Can firebox will be work properly?

Because, if have a much blocks in one screen then kodular site was slow…

I am using Chrome browser…

Not yours but Chromium’s browser fault…

Oh, yes. I am using brave (good at removing blocks)

As I explained above

but it is

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How can we fix it?

As soon as I have time, I will post how to also salvage your project…


Thank you very much

Now we will break it

Give this one a try by fixing it… brokentest_broken.aia (2.8 KB)