Kodular consuming RAM

I have a serious problem, whenever I open KODULAR, the RAM of my computer goes up to 85% and everything is slow, impossible to work.
Someone help me.

See attached image

Just, download more RAM?


I would recommend not using chrome, from your RAM usage chrome seems to be using a lot. Try firefox or another browser.

I use chrome myself and it gets super slow when I have a lot of blocks. Collapsing blocks and only opening the one you are using is a good way to help.


The problem you are facing isn’t related to Kodular creator site.
You will face this whenever you open Chrome to surf the internet. This is because whenever you open Chrome, it creates many instances of itself(also seen in your provided screenshot) hogging the RAM.
So it’s better to use other browsers as suggested earlier, in order to avoid this and many other errors.
An example of a problem you may face if you continue to use Chrome :point_down:


A tip for you, dont use this prograns that tell you that they will clean and optimize your pc, it just consumes more resources of your pc and slow more than help.


After I uninstalled ASC, the machine is fast.
Thanks for the tip.

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