Error bug is showing

hi i have q/a when an bug cam tday i clicked ok on it after closing that window my project restarted and i saw few element were gone off

Show a screen shot from that bug please.

but how cuz it happened 2 hrs ago

I also found a bug in kodular. If I click on save project as copy after that pop up message will "error report this bug to kodular ". I face this bug Many time

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Can you try to do the same thing and expect the same error?

lets wait then

any success on the failure :sweat_smile:

not till noo i will inform by tomorrow :grin:

Are you using Chrome if yes see this -

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@Boban and @Tekwizer

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Also see this video by @Boban on how to fix this -

it is loading from too much time

It is working

I always use firefox

@Peter, @Boban this video shows my gmail address so should I delete it ?

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