Not able to test app on companion

One of my simple app which was working till recently, I added more images and when today I am trying to test on companion it not even opening.

So I created new project - just label1 says hi on screen1 - even this is not opening on companion

Kindly help

It is not working for me either atm, probably just a issue on Kodulars side.
Hopefully, we only have to wait a short while

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Working as it should for me. I am on Firefox browser.

That’s weird, I am on chrome and none of my projects are working. They were a few hours ago. Gonna check back in a while.

Not sure but this may help

The topic you quoted is about companion getting stuck at 20% but here, according to original user, the companion never shows any progress :point_down:

I am using chrome,
On my laptop - test - connect to companion gets stuck at 20%.
And mobile the app does not open at all (this is what I meant when I said not opening)

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I initially thought issue is with my app and kept debugging, so was in frustated mood. Sorry if it was not clear

So I should always use firefox instead of chrome for development work on kodular?

Just downloaded Firefox and the companion is working fine. Its still not working in Chrome.

First time using Firefox, I like it.

If this :point_up: your problem then temporary solution is using Firefox.

And I still don’t understand what you mean by this :point_down:

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I posted it as a possible solution since this problem has been occurring a lot in the last few days.



After using firefox, it is going beyong 20%, but at 49% it waits for longggggggggggggggggggggggggg time :frowning:

After long long time can see on mobile

Are there assets present in your project? If yes then how many and what is the size individually?

Also how many extension are there in your project?

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