Wrong output from Math Format as Decimal Number with Places

I think there is something fishy about the below block.
I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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Format as Decimal Number with Places block is giving wrong results. See attached screens.

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Please see this

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You didn’t search or read the docs. See here


Returns the given number rounded to the closest integer. If the fractional part is < .5 it will be rounded down. It it is > .5 it will be rounded up. If it is exactly equal to .5, numbers with an even whole part will be rounded down, and numbers with an odd whole part will be rounded up. (This method is called round to even .)

You can see here as well.

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Your block have error “places” numbers after the decimal point.

blocks (10)

Read Documentation:

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Thanks everyone for the inputs. I was not using the correct block suitable for my need.
Now i am using floor block after division so 15/10 will return me 1.

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