BUG Found In Kodular

Hello Kodular Team,
I found a small bug in Kodular block image is below. Please try to understand.

You can see in the second image that 1) If third number after decimal is greater than 4 and WE HAVE FIXED “2” in block than it automatically increase +0.01
THIS condition work in every number BUT This condition not work when SECOND NUMBER AFTER DECIMAL IS “5” WERE YOU CAN SEE IN FIRST BLOCK.

Please solve this bug Kodular developers.

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See what excel give the output.

This is correct

you should use the tag bugs instead of Discuss.

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People like you are always claiming to have found bugs when the problem is you don’t know what you are doing and it’s you who made a mistake.

Please learn to use Kodular before spamming the forum with claims of bugs.

Read the documentation about formatting as a decimal here and rounding numbers here.