Math: decimal formatting~ 2 places ; rounding only decimal numbers ≥ 6

Hello everyone, my question has to do with rounding numbers using the decimal formatting block. It works great, but I noticed that it rounds greater than or equal to 5. That is ≥ 5. I wanted someone to help me round numbers greater than or equal to 6 after the decimal point. This is ≥ 6.
ex: 50 /149.95 x 49.95= 16.65555185061687 ~ 16.65 (the shape I want)
50 /149.95 x 49.95= 16.65555185061687 ~ 16.66 (the shape the kodular block takes)

format as decimal number

The reason is that rounding varies in some contexts and regions. Please.
Dear friends and colleagues can you support me?

something like this? may be someother logic will be there, but it works for me
instead of rounding the digit just taking as it is two digit after the decimal

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This solution would not round at all, right? Correct me if I understood your blocks wrong.
Does @MundoVerde not want any rounding done at all? I thought the issue was that you just don’t want to round 5 up, but down.

blocks are draggable



I liked the #stilllearning method it makes me feel neutral it doesn’t round up or down it just keeps the result truncated. In fact, many people when faced with decimals like this 2.148798697432893 on their calculating machines do not consider the rounding rules when truncating decimal numbers. They only take the first two numbers after the decimal point, thus getting 2.14. But it is known that, obeying the rule, it would be 2.15. For both cases ≥ 5 or ≥ 6. But when it comes to money$$$ 5 is better than 6.

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If you want to round the 2nd digit based on rule then use my 2nd suggestion else go for the first one. Irrespective of the 3rd digit it will take the first 2 digit alone as you said in the above mag

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