Using format as decimal numbers without rounding

How is possible to specify a number of digits to show but that these are not rounding. I am using "format as decimal numbers"blocks, but it always round.

I would like to show he result of division 93/7 with 18 digits without rounding. The results is a periodic number as 13.285714285714285714=13.(285714) but if I put 18 digit in the block, the result is 13.285714285714286476 rounding from14th digit.


Have anyone any idea? Please.

you could try the webviewer and use some JavaScript to do the calculation

Then, is ti not possible in Kodular? Is there any block to do it?

Thanks, @Taifun for your recommendation but I would like to solve it in Kodular environment. If it is not possible I could try your solution.

you found out yourself, that it is already rounding from the 14th digit…
the webviewer is also a Kodular component… just give it a try together with some JavaScript…
here are some snippets… adjust it to your needs…


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