Webview some time scrolling not work

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

kodular new update 140.1.1 in issu with webview . I create app in kodular darco and this work fine but i update the app in egale starting problam, webview somtime scrolling not work. Then i’m restart the app and this working, but again after 20 to 30 page views same issue come.

Buttons click to open web views
40+ buttons in 1 leyout and wen button click then go set url.

Some time app work fine but after 5 min use webview scroll issue come. Plz help

Check app in 10+ devices but same issue comes.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Expected Behaviour

Actual Behaviour

There was an issue with webviewer not specifically in kodular but everywhere but it was solved at least for Kodular, did you searched the community??
Can you provide screenshots and some more info

Yes, no solution available in community
Many block in app.


After Splash screen open main screen in main screen 2 layout first is a button layout and second web layout. Web layout visibility false

Block set

When button click then show web layout and hide button layout then go set URL.
Main screen back press WebView can go back then go back esls web layout hide button layout show

Like button one click kodular.com
Button 2 ckick go google.com

Did you put your webview in an arrangement. You shouldn’t put your webview in a scroll arrangement.

I try both
Vertical layout
vertical scroll layout
But problem not solve.

Main screen layout vertical scroll arrangement in this alignment 2 vertical alignment. 1 button alignment and 2 web alignment.(try both Vertical layout vertical scroll layout)

Is your screen set to scrolling?

you shouldn’t use a vertical scroll arrangement as main layout.

No not set scrolling

But button 60+ i use and screen scrolling then benner ads also scroll

So a scroll arrangement can show your 60 buttons. But a scrollview shouldn’t be used to put a webview inside it. You have to rethink your design.

Ok. I try this and share my feedback .
Can i set webview in card view

After eagle update app cresh too much.
My old app cresh in play store per 1000 device 3-5

And now per 1000 device 873
Same bolck i dont change anything just put admob ads.

you should show your blocks, extensions, etc so we can have an idea what is happening.