Facebook Banner Ads Crashing My Webviewer In App Made in Kodular. App works fine in case if banner ads doesn't loads, but as soon as banner ads loads Webviewer stops scrolling

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Why do you write the bug in the title and let the bug message empty?!


This problem is also with all of the advertisement services who provided banner ads like Admob, Facebook, StartApps.

if you want to solve this problem this problem use Swipe_Refresh_Layout and drop your WebViewer in this.


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Thank You Very Much For Helping Me. I tried with your your suggestions, it works. But at the same time one new issue has arised, the Webviewer easily scrolls downwards but we can’t go back up again as it starts refreshing the screen. It doesn’t refreshes the screen either as we haven’t given any commands for it in the blocks.

My requirements is that visitor should be able to scroll both upwards and downwards easily while he is on the Webviewer.

I hope you will help me to resolve this too.

Thanks, Regards.

Give me aia or show your blocks

One more thing I observed, when we try scroll upward first time then it starts refreshing the screen but when we try again it goes upwards easily but refresh icon keeps on rotating. It doesn’t refreshes as we haven’t given any commands for it in the blocks.

My requirements is the Webviewer should scroll upwards in the first attempt and it should refresh the screen after reaching to the top and that too if the screen is pulled downwards.

If it is not possible then, refresh if not added then it’s ok. But the Webviewer should scroll upwards and downwards easily.

Brother please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks, Regards.

give it me

complete block screenshot

Fresh.aia (16.2 KB)

wait for 5 hours becoz i am going to school

Ok Brother, I will wait for your reply.

I am struggling with this issue since last 4 days, which you have already solved 80%, only issue with the upward scrolling. I hope you can solve this too.

Take your time, study well in the school. My best wishes.

Thanks Bro for good blessing