Web Viewer not working properly after using Keyboard

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

My issue is that whenever I scroll up or down after using my website inside the WebView component AFTER opening the virtual keyboard on my phone. I have a textbox in my website and after I fill it and try to scroll up or down, it lags for no reason and only half of the website is visible. The half website visible problem is there in the bug tracker but the lag thing is not there. You can see the below video to understand the issue and see what I expected it to do. It works perfectly before using the keyboard but after, it lags. My internet connection gets around 100 Mbps so that shouldn’t be the problem

Steps to reproduce the issue

To reproduce it, create an app that has a WebView component and it should open my website (https://drongiri.wixsite.com/oneway) and then put the blocks that I used and showed below. Build the app and I think you will see the issue.

Expected Behaviour

This is what the app should do

Actual Behaviour

This is what the app does instead

Show your Blocks

My blocks

Android version

My phone runs on Android 10


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still waiting to launch the fixed of webview

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I am new to Kodular. Will the WebViewer bug fix also fix my issue or will it just fix the whitespace issue?


Can I use an older version of Kodular? I need my app ASAP and the older version didn’t have any problems which affected my app.

There is no older version of Kodular. You just have to be patient and wait for the new release that is coming in the next couple of days.

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Sorry for being impatient.

can you please tell us the date of realising date

Use inside cardview :sleepy:

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Wow, it works! Thanks for helping me!

Thank you!

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