How to solve web view sticks to bottom of the screen (I am on android)

hello I was just making a manager app for my ads and website traffic but I got stuck at an error.
the problem is that i am using web view to show the dashboard of ads sites like unity and admob, but the web view sticks at the bottom of the screen and there is a space that occurs between the navbar and the web view. and even if i scroll in the website the web view remain fixed in the bottom. and i also wanted to ask that the site takes a long time to load so is there any way i can increase the speed of the site.

here is the recorded screen-

here’s the screen shot -

welcome to community… Before posting kindly check up. This bug already has been reported and the update expected to be release on Aug1


so after the update is released will I have to do something in my app and by the way thanks

no need… it will work


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