My Kodular bugs

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Issue with ProKoder Rank eligibility

When checking the variable “Suspended (Last 6 months),” My Kodular will show “-1 / 0” if user was suspended at an later time than 6 months and then unsuspended later on.

Issue with changing community username

Attempting to change your community username more than once within what I’m assuming is 30 days, will show an error saying the username is already taken when it is in fact not.

2FA not enabling

Enabling 2FA will require something like Google Authenticator. When using GA to enter the code, I receive an error. 2FA is also not well documented, since going to enter your 6 digit code gives an error in the textfield unless there are spaces between all digits. It will still continue to give an error whether the status of the textfield which was described in a reply to Vishwas, but I was never responded too :man_shrugging:.

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Well, actually that’s exactly what you have…

Discourse also says that your suspensions are -1, so it’s not a My Kodular bug

Humm, weird, I’m able to change it unlimited times…
I’ll check their settings though



Should change the check to an X then.

I don’t think you checked, apparently KodedScorpius is taken :unamused: :grimacing:

Instead of posting an unconstructive critique, wouldn’t it be easier to request this change from a team member in Community until this “bug” is resolved? :neutral_face:

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It’s not a bug if it works for others Alex :man_shrugging:

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I can’t see rank eligibility on my profile where it is situated? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Go to My Profile | My Kodular, then scroll down to ProKoder Rank, and lastly click the down facing arrow all the way towards the right.

I don’t have it.

It’s right under your username-

@hammerhai first of all how to link community with profile my profile is not link with community and I can’t see any of the Pro Koders Rank in my profile.

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How can i link my community profile to my kodular account? - Kreator Camp / Kodular Account - Kodular Community