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I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

APK Build Proper & Save My PC but i check my apk in real device then show stop error and i check test companion then run properly how solve this issue

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Read this before creating a new topic:


9[quote=“albilalansaridevelopers, post:1, topic:44281”]
roid ve

version 9.0


Iam sure you should use the make color block too

It looks like you are making an earning app. This is not allowed and could cost you your developers account. Make something useful not crap.


This app is not earning app this is all people useful

And why is it called Earn Read. What does it do?

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Read & Earn means. this is not earning app bro

Please show me some proof that it is not an earning app.

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I will show you all proofs but after complete this app

Maybe you are wasting your time and will it not be approved for showing ads.