.ais bug Importing

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic


When I Import An .ais It Tells That Project Exists I cannot Understands Why It Tells That Project Exists
But There Is No Relation Between Project and .ais
I believe That Changing Name Would Solve it

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Click on image
  2. Dialog Appears
  3. Click on Choose File
  4. File Dialog Appears
  5. Click on The Desired .ais File With a Project Name
  6. Click on Import
  7. Then The Issue Occurs

Expected Behavior

Expected Behavior It should it Get Imported

Actual Behavior

Actual Behavior It is Not getting Imported

Just a confirmation, there isn’t a loginScreen in your project right?

Single Screened Project @Alaqmar_Bohori

I created a sample project.
Exported that screen (had a button and a label)

I imported the same screen back - works fine.
I renamed the screen on my system and imported it - works fine.

Try To Rename the .ais file with some other project name that is in kodular account

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Same bug with me.

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@Kodular Staff Can Only Rectify This

change the extension of the file try .aix

Looks like you are confused with the file extensions. Here are some file extensions that you work with in Kodular -

  • .aia is an extension for the files that are the main code of your project. It has all the files that will bring back your blocks if you import it on the creator.
  • .ais is an extension for a particular screen. You can export .ais’ and import it back to have the copy of a screen in another project.
  • .aix are extension files. They are used to add extra features in your app, that wouldn’t be possible with inbuilt blocks.
    Note: There exist some extensions that do the same work as inbuilt blocks.
  • .apk files is your compiled app. You can run your app on an android device after downloading it.
  • .aab is now going to become the only file accepted by Google for apps on the Google Play Store. It only downloads the required code according to the device.