The application is still crashing with the eagle update (1.4.1)

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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My application is still crashing after the last update, (after updating 1.4.1 two more pages managed to open to me but two other pages failed to open to me). I attach an application link (course settings page after opening it)

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application is crashing

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Android version



please show your Blocks.Because my apps are running smoothly in android 9 .

for me the same issue … some of my apps pages causes the app to crash after the update 1.4.1
how can we solve this?


Can you please post the block screenshot because without i am unable to help you guys…

It will be better if you post aia that can reproduce the problem. App is working good on Android 8.1

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I checked on Android 8 and Android 9 (Galaxy and Xiaomi) and the app is still crashing when you go to the settings page

Here are the blocks:

are you sure this is the only block you used in first screen or more blocks are there…?

When you click the Settings button in Bottom Navigation it activates the Settings button (there was only a Settings button and I resumed it to Bottom Navigation) but I tried to press the button directly and the application is still crashing.

How can I see the application error report?

May be because you are not switching the screens properly :thinking:

Have a look at this :point_down:

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But before the update (1.4) it worked​:thinking:.
I’ll try to do it anyway

The application is still crashing:disappointed_relieved:

can you please post your app aia… so that we can check.

I’m sorry but I can’t share the aia, but you can download apk, here: com.twmrsmy125.talktome.apk - Google Диск

It does not work on Galaxy J2 Prime (Android Marshmallow)

I’m not sure but maybe it could be due to the updated Kodular libraries for more compatibility :confused:

so you have to create a small related to that blocks…& share that aia

I tried every thing but still crashing when switching screens … It worked fine with the simple way using on click open screen name " " before Eagle but now non sense even using your mentioned solution above.

here are the blocks using the mentioned solution but not working and still crashing on android 9 and android 6

blocks blocks%20(1)


There are two questions put in one topic. Unclear is if they have the same problem. Hijacking a topic is not allowed. So @drpeterramsis2007 open your own topic with your problem.

I donot mean to hijack… just uploading the blocks to illustrate my problem as I was asked to do above … I do really need this problen to be solved as I have an update that is needed to be published for my app