Screen switching - crash: only one Slider is possibe on a screen since Eagle

It took a long time to figure out why my app crashes.

Since Kodular Eagle it is no longer possible to have more than 1 slider (with the Slider.PositionChanged event) on a screen. As soon as you switch to a screen (with more than 1 slider), the app crashes.


slider_bug.aia (3.5 KB)
logcat.txt (18.7 KB) from a Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5.0)

Same error on a Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9).


I was with problems closing screens too but since yesterday it is all working well

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Same error. You had better delete the sliders and use an alternative. So did I.

Thanks Anke, I spend half afternoon yesterday on this and was banging my head why why why

Now I know why



Hi Boban, yes, for me as well and the stack trace (logcat) was a bit unclear. But logcat gave hints on the sliders, so I gradually disabled all my slider blocks. It was not enough only to disable the Screen.Initialize block.


Why is this happening?

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Yes, there are alternatives, of course, but I would have to rebuild almost 20 apps with 4-10 sliders completely … a lot of work …

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see above!

Guys an alternative is to use would be Slider.Touch Up. Not the same but gets the job done sometimes !

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Btw @bodymindpower does position changed on label work for you on second screen, for me it doesn’t

If I use this method, then it only works on Screen1, not on Screen2


And this method works on Screen1, not on Screen2, if I get back to Screen1 then it doesn’t work on Screen1 either



No, same result.
It makes no sense to test the corrupted Slider component for longer.


Agree :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:


But it would be nice if the Kodular team would give feedback if there is still a glimmer of hope for a solution. :wink:


@Mika This seem to be related with the Event Handler we used to solve another issue in 1.4.0
Maybe implementing it in Slider will solve it


Thanks for the information.

Let’s hope for the best …


Taking advantage of the topic, and inform that the problem continues and even with only a slider occurs errors in time to build the apk sometimes it opens the screen sometimes not very complicated but it just does not open the screen the error of closing the app does not occur

What do you want to tell us? Please explain in more detail and show blocks / example for your problem.

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Screen 2 does not open screen 3, in fact when triggered it opens screen 2 again, on screen 3 there is only one slider, at first it worked but now it has stopped working, it just does not open even if I remove the only slider it open screen 3.

Screen 2 has a side menu with an option to open screen 3, even if you create a simple button for screen 3 does not open, it remains on screen 2

screen name 3 configura



I found a solution, use @Ken’s extension as it has it’s own Position Changed Event