Unfortunately app has stopped when open another screen

all my screens have textboxs, and only one don’t oppen

Not only 1, it has 4 text boxes my app

Thats the reason lets wait for 1.4.1…

Why? Everything works great for me

na… wrong reply… that response is not for you. sorry

when screen back then my app unfortunately has stopped

I am also face this problem .but now I got solution .
I am unmark all screen scrollable and then my app working perfectly .No crashing.
Try this one

nope. Still not working

Under the circumstances, i’m learning Ionic.

Bad news bro, today I finish my rebuild and the same problems continue.

you use listview image and text?

i have list view on 3 screens, images are in all my screens and, labels and textboxs are on almost all my screens.

And still only 1 screen don’t be called on the installed version.

but you use the componente list_View_Image_and_text ?

only in one screen and that screen works fine

Guys Please Help Me… Application stops While Switching Screen

hey… Visible Component Not Working While Designing Application

Whit 1.4.1 update problem solved :3

it does not works for me my app automatically stopped after :

open another screen screenName == "Screen2"

please help me to fix it.

maybe related to this:


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