Percent Values Typing Issue

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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  1. We can’t use decimal for typing percentages. I tried with dot (.) and comma (,) but it doesn’t accept it anyway.


  1. And Kodular doesn’t allow the values when percent symbols written at first position. It is not critical but there are some countries that use percent symbol at first. %100 or 100%


I know maybe they are just unimplemented feature, but I thought this category is more suitable for this topic.

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Agree, this is a minor issue in some countries.

As I remember, Kodular Draco only supported integer values of the percent sizing too. Kind of frustrating: the elements on the screen smaller than 1/100*1/100 must have a pixel width & height.
(If we think it, integer % values enough for most situations. for example say we have a 5" height screen. Here 1/100 % means 5"/100=1/20 inch, approximately 1 millimeter.)

Not for only 0.5%, it can be 14.5%, 46.3% etc. It just doesn’t accept the values with comma/dot.

@Vishwas Maybe you can look into that?

What I said is Kodular Draco had didn’t accept integer values too.

Maybe this way:

Yeah I can change with blocks too but since I won’t edit the height and width values anymore, I prefer setting static values in designer.

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