Components remain as same even after deleting

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

My issue
I changed the text of a button and tested it on companion, the text remained the same, after refreshing the companion several times my issues didn’t get solved so the deleted the button, but it’s was still there. I thought there is an issue with the companion so I cleared data of the companion but it was still there. I exported it to apk and saw that was still there. I want to solve my issue. I searched in the community but I didn’t get the result, maybe I didn’t search well.

Steps to reproduce the issue

I don’t know

Expected Behaviour

Component should be deleted

Actual Behaviour

It’s not deleted

Show your Blocks

There is no relation with blocks

Android version

Version:- 9

Drop and apk to test.

Edit : Or an sample AIA could be more helpful in this case. This is very strange, no one else reported till now.

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what to drop and apk to test

Cant provide you sample aia, it the 1st time its happening to me

Ok, fine. That’s not a problem at all.

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what can i do to solve it??

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Try to make your existing project aia and import as aia with new name i think it’s solved your error

Well, this should be answered first.

maybe bc nobody made the steps you did. Please try to remember.


No friend, maybe 5 months ago in the community i saw a thread like this

Just i deleted the component

I have tried it

WOW its solved, i imported my project in my other account and it got solved. Even i cleared cache of chrome.

:grinning: good buddy

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