User-Interface components are swopped out and unable to be recovered

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

When dragging a user-interface component the viewer shows a blue line where the component will be placed. If by mistake it is dropped on top of another component. The original component is replaced by the dropped component. Which is annoying. But the bug is: the replaced component remains in the component list on the right, so can be selected. But is nowhere to be found in the viewer, so cannot be reinstated. Which is doubly annoying.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Drag and User-Interface component on top of an existing component in the viewer.

Expected Behaviour

The dropped component is not dropped, or both components are kept in the viewer or the ability to undo the drop or warned of the actions effects.

Actual Behaviour

The component is removed from the viewer, so cannot be reinstated.

Show your Blocks

Not sure how as the blocks are moved out of the viewer.

Android version

Not sure this is relevant, as effect happens in the creator before app is compiled and installed.

Regards Julian

If this happen you can easily delete it by selecting it from the components panel at the right of the designer and click the delete button above.

Adding to @Mohamed_Tamer post, if you have arrangements which contains components, and to delete the internal components you need to click on the plus sign of the arrangement on the components panel, then select the component and delete it