Designer Elements Disappearing

I’m noticing an issue in the designer mode, if you accidentally place an element on top of another one, the existing one just disappears and you can’t get it back to modify it really. It still shows in the Components section to alter the properties, but there’s no way to see it on the preview nor can you click and drag or move it around. Even when you click on it in the components, nothing shows up with the dashed line to show it’s active. I tried to enable/disable and even making visible/invisible and nothing seems to get it back. Turned on Scrollable in case it fell down, but no luck. When I test the app via companion, the fields show up in the app, or if i change the height, the other elements around it shift but no dotted line to indicate where it is.

So i have no idea which fields are where now. Is there some way to get these to show back up again?

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Can you post a movie that shows this behavior?

Are you using Table Arrangement.

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Also clear catche

control z didn’t do anything in either designer or block view.
Yes, i was using a table with all the elements inside of it.

I’ll see if i can create a video of it.

Here’s a little video that shows how I did it.


can you show how it looks in companion

this is what it looks like. Doesnt appear to even keep the placement within the table. Phone is samsung s7 android v 8.0

hmm lets wait for @Kodular

Yes there seems to be a bug…