Not all components are visible in Designer

Dear fellow Kodulars,

I have a quick question. So, I’m creating an app but I need lots of components (list views, buttons, etc.) to be visible on Screen1. The problem is, that I can drag them onto the screen in Designer, but I am only able to edit the properties of those, that are visible. For example:

As you can see, on the above screenshot there are multiple List View components. But I want to add another 2 List View components and a few buttons below all of them. I would not be able to edit the properties of the buttons, because they are not visible in the Designer (even though they exist).

How can I edit the components by using the Designer ‘smartphone view’? (I know that the list of the components will be on the right side of the screen, but I want to edit them by clicking directly on them in the graphical section of the Designer.)

Thank you in advance.
Appreciate all the help.

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You can Turn on Scrollable in the Settings to see all the Components and then when building switch it back. Also I recommend using tablet View


Thank you @Abhijith_Dominic !

The Scrollable option in the properties of Screen1 did the trick.


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