Problems adding components when the screen runs out

Hi, I have a problem with the design environment that I don’t know how to solve. I have added a vertical layout with a scroll in an interface and when I am adding components to the layout, when I get down I cannot continue adding components because in the design interface, it does not scroll (when you launch the app if the scroll works well) the problem It is only when designing. How can I do to continue adding components?

Greetings and thank you


you have to set screen to scrollable while making app, after complete set scrollable to false

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first select screen! and enable the screen scroll able property. and BINGO! no you can scroll the screen

Hello, the proposed solution only works for me on the first screen (screen1) on the other screens it does not work for me or by scrolling the screen1 or the others.

Thank you.

Set the components that you are not working with to temporarily invisible. That will make some room for the other components to be visible. Then use this panel to select components that are invisible to make them visible again: