Internal error report bug

Hello My one project got bug in kodular.

Now i cant edit components porpertys when click on any components it shows like this a shows kodular bug popup…

But i can do all things in blocks​:+1:t2:
Build apk and all working fine​:+1:t2:

Issue is i cant do anything in components section in designer can’t edit alredy draged components also

Adding new components also shows this bug popup after droped​:roll_eyes:

Please help me

If your problems is about change colours look at this post

not color
click on any component shows the popup

Fix also this issue. You have the last version of companion?

You added any extension? Make also a search in the community, there are a lot of post with the same error, may be you will find yours too.
Is it an imported aia ?
Are there extensions?
Is your companion updated ?
What you did before error appeared?

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