Kodular Creator not loading

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Hi, I am unable to login to the creator page for the past 3 days despite clearing the cookies, cache etc. I also tried using another computer and it doesn’t load. I checked other topics in the community and I have tried all suggestions too. I have put some work and if this cannot be resolved, can I at least get the aia file in some way? Thanks in Advance.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Open Kodular
    -Click Create Apps.
    -New Creator Tab opens and tries to load the page
    -Page does not load :frowning:

Expected Behaviour

  • The Page Opens

Actual Behaviour

  • The Page Doesn’t open

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Android version

I have Successfully Created in Kodular Creator

Try With This

M30s Phone , Asus X505ZA-EJ563T
Android ver :Android 11 ver one ui 3.0
Laptop ver :20H2
Net speed 150 mbps