[TEST] Asking for Facebook Ads

Try many time but still showing No Fill

As @Diego mentioned that other use will get ads , like your app user get ads but for you not available any ads, Facebook may not give you ads for your own ad ids

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Sir when you will release 1.4.2, We are waiting for that.

As Diego said:

And that post is already 13h past…

You even made a topic with your question. Double posting is not allowed. Next time you will be suspended for two days. Just be patient. Don’t do that again.

Thanks Kodular Team

Please Update I can’t make app last 1 month till waiting for Facebook ads . Please Solve this issue. Lots of developer waiting for this We request please Update As soon as possible . Thanks for this great platform. Have a nice day.

Why not just be patient. Diego has already given a response.

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                 this is my old app ...when fb ads working.

                 banner working fine

                      international also working fine

but test apk shows No fill

Why not just read the other posts. No fill means they have no ads to give you. Maybe because of a low quality app.

ok got it thanks

Be aware that the app I sent above is in Test Mode, so Facebook will only send a few ads for testing



I would be very happy if users would read a topic first instead of just posting a message.


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Next person who asks if the fb ads are fixed gets two day suspension :sunglasses:


Mmmmmmmm, nobody complaining that version 1.4.2 was released? :crazy_face:

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Companion is not yet updated
Google is processing it


ohh thank you Diego really got tension thank you so much for update :grinning: