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Describe your issue

When we use View Pager with Screen Scrollable option checked then its shows blank screen on android 6 and older. i have tested it on Android version: Android 6.0 (SDK 23) & Android 5.0

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add View Pager in project, set its tabs and go to screen options and checked on Scrollable

Expected Behaviour

shows tabs data

Actual Behaviour

show blank screen

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Android version

Android 6.0 (SDK 23)
Android 5.0

Project Screenshot


###AIA File
T.aia (2.2 KB)

@Mate_Developers Have you done something with view pager’s height because it didn’t show layout when it height is not seted proper

Well it is working fine in my device

Device name :- Redmi Note 10
Device version :- Android 11

its not working on old android version i have tested it on android 5.0 and android 6.0. on on newer version its working perfectly

Try this and see if it works on old android version.

T_1.aia (2.2 KB)

if we unchecked Scrollable option from screen then its start working on old version but i need it with checked Scrollable option

Using scrollable vertical arrangents instead of scrollable screen won’t help ? Cause I believe it won’t work with scrollable screen

no i required it with Scrollable Screen therefore i have put it in bug as in new android version its working but in old its not

Unfortunately I believe there is no solution so you have to reconsider your design if you wish to work with older versions

ok, thanks for the help

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