Onesignal Push Notification Sends Popup Message Dialogue When App is Already Opened

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

If app is already opened when OneSignal notification is sent, the notification pops up on screen as a sort of message dialogue.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Create app with onesignal component.
  2. Subscribe to onesignal push notification in app
  3. Build and install APK on device
  4. Open app and initiate Onesignal send push notification from within app or from Onesignal dashboard

Expected Behaviour

Notification is expected in notification drawer only

Actual Behaviour

Notification pops up on screen

Show your Blocks

Android version

Android 11

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I think it’s not a bug but feature

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hello did you find a solution, to not make the popup appear?

Hello, I have already set up firebase and OneSignal on kodular for Push Notifications, but when I send a test push notification, it doesn’t show as a notification , it only shows as a popup inside the app (same as if you use an alert component), also the notification wont show if you aren’t in the app, is there a way to make it an actual notification? thanks

Don’t use in app notification in one signal you have to use simple notification option which is send notification in background

Thanks for your reply,

I am already selecting the “New Push Notification”, but it shows it as a popup instead

The push notification comes when the app is closed.

The in-app notification comes when you use the push notification extension from Kordular! I think this extention has a BUG !?

I had the same problem and solved it as follows!
Have a look here and be happy :slight_smile:


I have implemented push notification in apps. Whenever I send push notification to devices, when the app is already opened, then another popup message comes with the push notification. This is happening with all Kodular apps with push notification whether notification is sent from app or from Onesignal platform. How can I get rid of this extra notification popup?

I searched and there doesn’t seem to be any answer to this already on the forum.

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Show related blocks

This is a simple block for a test app I just did. And the resulting screen after sending push notification.

Impossible You can It will Show Pop up no use but you can use backgroud task by @Atom_Developer
To send message in background through any database

Sorry, can you explain how this will solve it. As I mentioned earlier, even when the message is sent from one signal dashboard, same issue happens.

Do you also use PushNotification.NotificationReceived event?

This will be fixed in the upcoming update. Push notifications will now be shown as a native notification when one is received while your app is in focus.


it happens to me that when a message is sent to me, the sound notification arrives a few minutes late and not immediately. happens to you too?