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Bluetooth client component

Error was occurring on connecting to a device

*my pc is unavailable so i cant elaborate try Bluetooth client component yourself *

On xiomi devices

Also sound recorder component has some bugs

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PushNotifications, when app is open, instead of notification you see a popup in app and there is no way to hide it


They don’t have to tell everyone about every small piece of progress they make. They are very hard at work.

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  1. Sound component #bug , when you export your app as .aab and upload it on playstore. the sound component unable to found the file and its a conformed bug.

  2. If we use more then 15 players, then the app gave error and some player stop working.

  3. Sound Recorder quality is very bad, we have to use the extension for that.

Hi @pavi2410 , I also want to report some bugs of kodular community. I think I can’t report them here because it’s components bug topic. Should I make a new topic or pm someone

Please make a new topic for that. This topic is to track bugs which could be fixed for the next update.

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