Notification sender like push notification

I made an app using push Notifications component but when I send Notification from one signal it doesn’t show but it show when in app Notification I used. Is there any platform to send push notification like one signal free.


Please check the bugs page before reporting any issue there is issue with onesignal from a long time… Hope to see it soon working…
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Bugs - Kodular Community

Is there Any other platform to send push notifications? @Technical_Zone

You mean other than kodular,…?

I mean that to send Notifications live like one signal in kodular only @Technical_Zone

You could use as alternative

I have that in my knowledge but,… It will greatly increase size of your apk…
For me :
Orignal Apk: 6.8 MB
After import of that : apk size : 17.9MB

It is free or paid @Technical_Zone

Its free,… but, Sorry, I forget,… its an ad extension, which is not allowed in kodular… :frowning:

Any other way to send Notifications

As @dora_paz said :

I don’t want to buy any extension

So, no way for now…


You can try this extension…

This is not a cloud messaging, this is a normal way of sending messages.

This is not working in background. Is there any way to use it in background.@Ariyan_AD

Which one? And whom you are replying… Please use @ to understand

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But this extension is working properly in my app in background also. I have built a download manager using this extension. Everything is working perfectly in my case. Can you show the blocks if you don’t mind @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator

I mean that suppose our phone is locked or recent apps cleared then if I changed the value from firebase then Notification visible and those buttons not work in background when click.


Ooo! Sorry but this extension is not for this work. You can’t use it as a cloud notification service. Why you are not using Onesignal. If you are getting any problem then share with us.