Push notifications when in-app

Hello community

When I am within the app, instead of receiving the push notification (in the top of the cellphone), I receive a text dialog.

Do you know how to make that the text dialog doesnt pop up, and only the notification in the top do?

When you are in app then use “when notification received” block and get title and message in a variable and then use
This extension to create a notification in your app as you want

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I have not tried but it may work

Please let me know :smile:

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Hello, thank you very much for your answer!!! Helped a lot. Would you please give me further explain on this?

The pop up still appearing :frowning: .

I also tried this and still appearing.

Why the notification still appearing?

P.S: The extension works perfectly!!!

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Ok i’ll check it and will be back after 3…4 hours as m outside of my studio

By the way, is there any component that send those notifications (notification style extension) when the user is ONLY within the app? Otherwise the user will be receiving 2 same notifications when he is not in the app (one signal and the one from the extension)

i tried but unfortunately it is not possible right now . But don’t worry m working on it . If it gets solves i’ll come back to you as i need it too.

Hey friend, got the first solution!

When notification received -> Opennewscreen (screenname) same screen name. So its like a refresh when the notification came and the pop up message fades off. However, the push notification still visible when you close the screen.

The remaining thing would be how to show the extension you showed me after the refresh. Im guessing like refreshing the screen with some value or something like that. What do you think?

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Hello José,
I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one facing this issue.

Your solution works, but the screen is refreshing, so you end up with:

  • a terrible user experience
  • crazy workarounds to save the current state of the screen
  • a pile of background screens if you send multiple notifications

I think that this issue needs to be solved someway.

I do not understand whether the in-app dialog is a choice of who developed the kodular module, or a OneSignal feature.

I also found this solution around, but I don’t know how to apply it here in Kodular:

Maybe anyone is able to make an extension to include this? :pray: :pray: :pray:

Fortunately it works for me because anyways I had to refresh the screen when that notification is received (lucky as hell).

But its amazing what you found, I think the person who can do that is the same that did the extension. His name is @Jerin_Jacob maybe he can help us on this.

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