Spinner text size changes after elements changes via block

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

The Spinner text changes size when I update the elements via blocks. I have different options in a spinner based on the user selected. When I select the user from a picker I am checking it against a list of “managers” and changing the list accordingly. I am also then assigning a selection to the new list and the text shows up smaller than before. It seems to correct itself if a new selection is made. I have even set the sizes after selection thinking that would help… and it didn’t.

You should be able to reproduce the error by updating the elements with a list and then set the selection via block.

Show your Blocks

Android version

My phone is 8.0 and my tablet is 8.1.

Could you post a aia file that displays the effect you get so others can test?

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It’s spinner bug…


It’s still there, just a smaller font size until I make another selection.

I’ll try. The app I’m using it in is a company app that I’m wary about sharing AIA for. But I should be able to whip up something that recreates the issue.

What happens if you remove this part (or the sizing elements of it):



Honestly? Nothing. The sizing blocks were in there as an attempted solution which didn’t work at all. It’s not a dramatic difference when viewing on a phone (text sizes are close, but I can see the difference). But, I also design for tablets and the issue is very pronounced on the larger screen size. It’s like it reverts back to a default text size when you change the elements. The if/then/else statement is to make sure that the currently selected job is still selected as long as it’s still on the list. Most of the users use the same device all the time, so the issue isn’t going to prevent me from releasing the app or anything, but it’s something that could be a bigger issue for difference apps, so I wanted to bring it to someone’s attention.


Depends on which Theme you are using you would have to use proper color for “Item Text Color” so that the deviation is minimal…


Default Theme - use white
Light Theme - use black
Dark Theme - use black

Test_Spinner.apk (5.4 MB)

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It’s not the color I’m having issues with. It’s the text size though. I’m running a light theme (not default) and the item text color is black. I am using the first item as a prompt and that color is an orange though.

As I mentioned

Spinner text size is 20 and then being adjusted by procedure on initialization. The only time this is an issue is when I change the elements. I’m half tempted to just create two spinners and then hide the one that’s not the correct list. I just figured it’s a bug that needs looked at since it’s unintended.

You do as you wish however, if you wonder why I said size 16, it’s because of it falls back to the default value specified in Themes…

I understand that. What I’m saying is that doing so is a bug. The font size change should carry over and not revert to a default size when the elements are updated.

And, just as a reminder… I was involved with that color conversation as well and pointed out that changing the theme “fixed” the issue because of the default color matching the one that I needed it to be (this is still a bug from what I can see, I just kept using the light theme so it didn’t bother me).

It wouldn’t have been on issue list if it were not a bug…

Well, I did that also way, way, way before you…

Boban, then we are in agreement. this is a bug, potentially related to the color bug that hasn’t been resolved since Oct '19. Developing with workarounds are fine, but I’d rather just have the spinner component work as it should, so I reported the bug since it appears that this particular bug hasn’t been specifically reported yet. I’m trying to help improve a great piece of software and this doesn’t seem like a difficult one to fix.

Of course

It’s a tricky one, they would have to exclude programmatically those fallback values, if not and mess with Theme values they might break other UI since those Theme values are also used on other components…

Workaround of 2 different spinners instead of updating elements works fine. It’s not a solution though and I wouldn’t mark it as one.