Imported screen is not openning

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

i was working on my app the size of app was big so companion was taking quite long time to load the app so the screen on which i was working i exported the screen ais and opened in the new project now after compleing the koding of the screen if i am trying to import the screen which i was working the 1st screen of project is getting imported.

So i made the copy of the screen which i was working on as screen2 now i imported the screen and exported to the project i was working on first so the screen is not openning just blank screen is poping up with a bug reporting

Do you have the screenshot of the errors ? It can give us an idea of what went wrong.

I think that screen made on onother platform or extention is unavailable in your project.

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extensions are used in that screen are missing in this project.

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that particular is not also not getting removed on openning that screen it gets stuck there

pm me your aia, i will remove that screen from your project, and maybe i can fix that for you with that screen,

i have removed that screen from aia with winrar but the new aia will have a new keystore and i have published app on playstore so how will i update my app

when you import aia in your account, it automatically assign with your keystore.

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ok than but i have to create a new screen again

why… ? can you be please more clear. where from you get that screen, and what extensions you are using in that screen, simply add that extensions in your project, then import that screen in to your project and it will work.

i already have that extension in my older project… please look in this aia if you will import screen Import45CDC2 it does not import current screen it imports screen 1 have a look

and for me that project is working, without any error,

yeah project is working fine that’s not the problem just import the current screen and the 1st screen will get imported i am saying that

ok thats the problem, let me check that and export that screen for you.

yeah…so i copied the screen Import45CDC2 in sreen 2 and then i imported the screen in my original project so then it was causing the problem

my project was working perfectly but i is causing problem in my 1st project may be beacuse of the size of aia of my original project is approx 9mb

why? are your assets was so big?

because it contains many images and font

so resize that images to smaller and it will reduce size of project

all images are below 50kb the extension i have used have more size than image and fonts