Custom progress does not work in compiled apps

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

After the new update when i changes a circular progress with the new custom progress it does not work in compiled apk but it works in companion

The custom progress is at bottom center near the version name

Btw Great work :kodular: kodular team for the new update.

Can you try by setting the height to any value except automatic

Ok then it works fine. But with automatic values it work in companion.
I think so its a bug.

I did post on Beta Bug about this behavior but I vas ignored


@Boban You are not ignored :slight_smile: Are you talking about DoIt issue when changing animation Style?

@themaayur See below. I have a ListPicker with different AnimationStyles, a Button and a CustomProgress component. On Value changed, I change the animation - see .apk result below. I have not changed any height / width.

fooCustomProgress.aia (2.7 KB)

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See here

@Boban @themaayur is talking about compiled app. I think you are talking about companion. Right?

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Use your aia that you posted above and change the animation style to ex. Chasing Dots as start animation build and see what you get

Second issue, do select animation multiple times ex.20+ you will see that button is shrinking in size

What it looks like in my end

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Regarding shrinking size after multiple times: got it :slight_smile: We’ll check into it


All components that have this function have this issue, including custom progress.


Also check this when custom progress has values automatic it is not visible in > Compiled apps

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Mine was set default Automatic:

Yes it works if you use wave as animation

For me
This apk with automatic value
MSBTE_AIO (6).apk (8.1 MB)

And this with 50 for width and 50 for height
MSBTE_AIO (7).apk (8.1 MB)

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What kind of animation do you use

Folding cube

As my statement above, using another animation then wave then it fails

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Regarding shrinking height, I isolated the issue and will work on it. Keep note that in real application, this should rarely happen because requires user to keep changing the animation style many times for issue to occur. Having said that, it is a bug and we’ll fix


Of course there will be issue, now it is not to change but to add and remove animation

Ex for button. button click to do a task add animation, task done remove animation, this is 2px/dp in shrinking, do this process 25 times results in 50px/dp shrinking of the button

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@Boban Working on fix for shrinking size. Please test below. I have added all possible components:

fooCustomProgress2.apk (4.8 MB)