View Flipper does not work as expected! Bug?

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

I checked out bug reports.

Describe your issue

View Flipper is not working as expected and shown in tutorial.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Create Project.
Add View Flipper
add two or more components (with background color/image/ or any content)
add Component to View Flipper
add view flipper to screen initialize
make sure everything is visible and has height
add start flipping to initialize
make sure swipeable

Expected Behaviour

User is able to swipe between components
Only one of added components is visible at same time

Actual Behaviour

all components are visible at their own
view flipper component is visible (if background not transparent)
Swiping only in view flipper area possible

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Android version


You are using it wrong.

Thanks for reply. I still wonder about it must be a mistake of mine, I am sure, because sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I am doing it like tutorial shows, or am I completely wrong?

there must be any components that interfere with the View Flipper, is this possible? Could it be, that other menus or views stop the view flipper working properly?

After a view tests, image view flipper works perfectly, but not component view flipper.

Is there anyone of professionals who can take a look into it?

Why not provide a working example, on second thought you can’t as this component is so buggy

Nothing wrong with your code, just don’t use fill parent for you arrangement’s

Maybe, not sure which one in this case

Won’t work if you use option high quality images on screen1


@Kodular you should really take a look at this

good day,

I was a same problem when I use view flipper and cheked on the option high quality images, is there a bug? when the option is off the flipper works ok.