Bug in wallpaper component

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

  1. when i get the device height and width so it returns same value in both means in get (Wallpaper1.Desired minimum height = wrong value as it’s same as width value.)

Describe your issue

  1. when i set wallpaper through wallpaper component so it reduces the actual image quality to very low but when i test same wallpaper with my device wallpaper app then it’s set acurate quality Wallpaper

Show your Blocks

Android version

Android version 9

Image quality proof

After Using kodular Wallpaper component

After Using Device Wallpaper app

Both image path are same but results are here

I also face that issue, as I am working on a wallpaper app.
Previously I thought the quality must not be good but it’s a issue/bug.

It’s for image used in your app.

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