I can't find my Ad section on my profile

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

I can’t see any kind of ‘ads approval’ page on my profile page.

Steps to reproduce the issue

go to the kodular profile page

Expected Behaviour

can see about ad revenue approval page

Actual Behaviour

can’t see anything about ads

Show your Blocks

Not related to blocks.

Android version

Not related to android version.

Post a screenshot of your account page where the section to request ads should be.

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Maybe Here?

On the top left of that page is a drop down menu. Click it and then select projects.

Then select the project you want to monetise and scroll down to the Monetisation section and make your request.

You will then need to wait, perhaps up to 2 weeks, to be approved. Your app will only be approved if you write a clear description of it in English and it meets Kodular’s requirements.


Oh thank you! Once I couldn’t see the menu when I clicked the project;;

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