Error 709 player

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

the default player throws an error 709, with something as simple as uploading an mp3 and putting a button that when clicked play the mp3

Steps to reproduce the issue

create a button and use player and create a block to open an mp3

Expected Behaviour

Play audio without problems or errors

Actual Behaviour

if it plays but an error comes out: 709

Show your Blocks


Android version

I think it doesn’t work on any but I try it on Android 9.0 and Android 8.0


More than that, I can’t help you


I understand that very well, just that I use this for an application and I used it well to use kodular to add a text and after compiling I get that error on all my playback buttons, something weird because I haven’t modified anything, and use exoplay and it works without the error, I was just reporting that error

To get rid of this error message try this:

and leave the block empty as it is.

When does the error occur? This can e.g. happen when a call comes in.


interesting, thank you very much the truth did not understand why the error comes out. Can I ask how did you know it was for a call …? @bodymindpower

Just drag and drop the error block on the screen to eliminate any kind of error message or dialog box pop up but this will not be going to stop the error to occurring further.

From my own experience.


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