Cardview/button design bug?

:white_check_mark: I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Cardview and button design looks different on different devices. Generally on older devices it’s design is way off how it should be.

Steps to reproduce the issue =

  • Take cardview component, set corner radius to 25 or 50 or 100. Adjust height and width. Now check the result on different device.
  • For button, choose oval shape and make it circle by adjusting height and width. Now check the result in different device.
  • Also check cardview by putting a label inside and making it an icon using material icon. For button also.

Expected Behaviour =
There design should look same on all devices, but it’s not.

Actual Behaviour =
Design is way off and looks wierd.

AIA and app =
aia = cardViewTesting.aia (5.2 KB)
app = cardViewTesting.apk (5.0 MB)

Images =
On my device =

On older device =

Android version = 10

Please check this app on your device also.


Yes, This error exist when I test one of my app on friends device which is a bit older same problem occurs.

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I have a clue to solve the problem

Only needs approval

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (GSM-531M)
Android version 5.1.1


oh, nice
plz tell us how to solve?

From whom ?

screen is not responsible plzz solve it

What does that mean?

Important note

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I think so he want’s to say Responsive.

This will never happen, at least not with those values you are specifying…

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I never Face such issue… & The radius you trying to say never show me such problem…

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Then how can we do that.

I also think that, but then I shared my app to my friend who uses an old device and then I know about this issue.
Everything is fine on my device too.

yeah but it should look similar, but here the design is totally different

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Don’t think so

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Even I am using old device but not face that issue…
Android version 5

did you tried the app which I have provided?

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