Button shape & font type issue

I created Application.

1- I am using button shape round
And it is working good but some Mobile button shape is showing rectangular.

2- I’m using font type material.io
It is working good but some mobile it’s not working .

This is ok IMG_20210110_134725 IMG_20210110_134708

And this is worng, it problems is coming in some mobiles
IMG_20210110_134928 IMG_20210110_134907

How can I solve this problem ?

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Material Icon is A font Chnage the Default Font in phone to Normal

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I want use this type icon.

This is not solution

What is solution plz give me

1 = you will get this issue only in old devices. To solve it, use cardview with corner radius 100 instead of button
2 = delete those icons first and then again use new label. This happens when you set custom font style on a label and then uses material fonts style provided by kodular

This issue is coming in new & latest device.

This is not a solution.
It will come every time in different mobiles

Even if it is not on old devices, have you tried out those solutions?

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Change Mobile Font.

How can I change mobile font.

This is not my mobile and it’s there choise not mine

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Use 30 corner radius that would also work

So, say your User to Change his Mobile Font. & If he/she not Change then use image instead of font in button.

Why will the user do that?
Instead you can download the icon and use them…

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So, do this.

I knew about this issue for a long time now
that’s why I am sharing the working solutions with you

  • Never change width and height of a card view or a button or else it will look like what you have shared. Instead use an arrangement or label inside the cardview and then change width & height of that arrangement or label. You can use anything else except width & height of cardview and button

I already mentioned about this issue here

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