Card view circle shape problem

Someone can explain me why on Pc the card view is circle and on Companion not:sweat_smile:

using this extension u can create any design

Is The screen size responsive mode??

The problem is the same both with responsive screen size and fixed

try increase width a little

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Obviously this works, but is not a real solution:sweat_smile:

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The designer is there, just to give you a relative/rough idea of what your app will look like with all those components arranged on their respective places.
You need to test the actual working of your app on a real device only.


Yes, that’s what I did :sweat_smile: While on pc’s designer the card view is circle, on both companion and apk is not circle and I have provided the companion screen (second image on the first post)

I have same problem too.
i set H = 100px and W = 102 or 103…
test and check your companion

Yes that’s what I told :point_down:

For actual result you have to use real device(which you are already doing)

You can try with my extension this way

use a vertical Arrangement in card view and set the bg color of card view to none like this


Set the card height and width to automatic and set vertical height and width to equal pixels

And try these blocks

blocks - 2021-03-20T112051.720



Add more feature to make it more beautiful

I once tried making a circular card view for Profile Image… I add a card view with padding 0 and radius 500 H and W set Automatic then added an image set the H and H to 300px

H as Height
W as Width

I think there was a bug, because now if I left all the settings like in the first image in the first post, except for the elevation (that now I set to 10), there is no more problems: both in pc’s designer and companion and apk the card view is correctly circle…

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