Card view update

This post is for requesting a feature of card view

1- I want an option that makes the display card completely round

Meaning that if it is a square it will be a circle

There are some ways to do this using blocks, but you will encounter problems with many

2- To be round on one side

Any suggestions

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agreed and voted ! It would be really great to have that feature.

This is the only thing I want… could you make a poll for each? (and add the features in point 3?)

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It’s done…

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I love this and want it​:heart_eyes:

just set border radius to height/2.

i have already made it
that’s part of my next guide… you must have to wait…

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I know… but I meant something like in thunkable, that we have the rounded settings for each corner. Do you agree?

i’m also saying about radius for each corner :rofl:

It does not work on many devices

I was using it already

Do not talk use pictures :unamused:

can you name some devices??

i didn’t understood what you want to say…

New long devices

Also two Samsung Note 5 devices

I know, I meant we should have an option in designer for it… :roll_eyes:


yes there must be option for it…

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Diagreed. If you turn a Card View into a circle by that method, it will work for some devices but gets distorted on other devices ( which have soft navigation ) and tablets.

It’s not possible to add a property to set the border radius of each corner because Android doesn’t provide an underlying implementation of the same which we can use.


We have another request

This is possible…

No, there is a block to turn layouts into perfect round which works on all devices but blocks are required to do it.