Different UI in Older Devices

I have tested my app in many devices. All devices gives responsive UI in App except one device. It showing incorrect radius and many UI Issues.
My Device UI (Android 10)

Friend’s Device (version 6.0)

R u using percentage or pixels


Set your app screen 1 to responsive

Chrck this thread Responsive Screen Sizing

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Its already set. But showing only in my friend’s phone. Its showing perfectly with other phones. Working perfectly

So there’s a issue with card view it’s common with cardview because old device not support cardview correctly

Is there have any proper solution? Because I am going to upload my app to playstore. If older devices install my app, it will minus for my app…

But i think its a common since last realease
Before kodular’s last realase it was working fine in all of my devices but now it cause problems in some devices
Why it should not be resolved till yet???
Any idea or updates?

No solution before new update comes and you have to publish your app with the update api level so wait for new release .

And for old devices it’s only with some device so don’t worry

How it becomes solution for this problem?

I am also a user i think there’s a new update comes in which all bugs are resolved

But its showing in resolved list. Not showing in bugs list

I think now there’s not solution because kodular now support only pixels and percentage . I don’t have any idea .

See here i think it may be the solution

I think New Update will solve this problem

Hopefully m also waiting for the same…

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As you got @Vishwas attention yesterday on telegram regarding this, we will see if it gets fixed and yes I can confirm that this isn’t working on my android 5…



What do u think about this UI, especially the material icon in some older device? Any possible solution