Help In hiding error message?

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I am using Dynamic components extension latest version
whenever i try to create component on screen initialize it works fine but whenever i try to create component on when data change it creates component but also shows me an error message “Run Time Error - Expected a unique id but got…” now i simply want to hide that message i tried everything but nothing works(i tried to find bug but there is no any bug, i use ‘generate id’ block but it creates same component multiple times) Hope you guys will help

Show your Blocks

This is when screen initialize and this works fine(for each number2 from)

This is the component that is created

And this is when data change(error comes when component is created after data change)

blocks (1)

Hope i will get solution

Show your blocks in order to get help

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you have done something wrongs that’s why it’s showing error
and it’s not a good thing to hide error or bcoz these errors can cause different kind of errors in future

check out my blocks

number2 is being used to construct the ID, which should be unique. However when you get the column, number2 is just the length of the column, which may stay the same. Thus you end up reusing IDs.

Solution: Create unique IDs.


i also used generate id block but it creates the more then one components like 3 4 5

and column cant be same because i get value from spreadsheet only when new row is created in spreadsheet(by connecting to firebase)

Clearly it does stay the same - otherwise you wouldn’t be getting an error.

Generate ID only returns a random ID, it doesn’t create components. Moreover, you are not using the block in any of the blocks you shared so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Either check your data backend, or create a more robust ID generation system, or both. Good luck. :slight_smile:

i will try to solve it by myself btw thanks

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