Error in creater or companion

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic
Today I was working in creator and everything was fine I was testing app in companion but when I installed it in phone the card view component become invisible and side menu layout gave error but I cannot see it because the popup last for less than a second
So I removed side menu layout but still not working

I give you aia you also so that you can change
appstore.aia (70.6 KB)

Can you show the error message or blocks picture for quick fix?

Set the Timer enabled to false before you open another screen

Ok i try boban

Card view not visible after setting clock false

I also suddenly had this problem one day, and even some aix had errors, but the apk generation was normal. I tried to simulate the phone link on the computer, but nothing happened unexpectedly. He had the right to make an error on the phone.

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