One Signal Push Notification "Notification Opened" Block Not Working!

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

One Signal Push Notification “Notification Opened” Block Not Working!

The mobile device gets a Push Notification (Alert), when clicked it opens the correct app but nothing happens, as if the block or an app hasn’t realised that it is opened by Push Notification Click. It does not provide an id, title or message. (on the other hand, if the app is active then “Notification Received” block works fine.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Just useimage this block and try to open the app with a click on the received notification when an app is not running or hiding in the background.

Expected Behaviour

IT should provide the id, title and message when app opens.

Actual Behaviour

On notification click app opens but not providing an id, title or message.

Show your Blocks

image I am trying to show the message on another screen. Where it works well with Notification Received block but not with Notification Opened block.

Android version

9 PKQ1.180904.001

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I’m having the same problem too… Hope Kodular Staff fixes this soon!

Me too.
It looks like this issue has not been yet solved.
Please, fix it, otherwise Push Notifications component is useless, as no data passing is possible.
In the meanwhile, is anyboby able to suggest a provisional workaround?