Push Notification OneSignal Received Notification

How to use this blocks
i tried this but didnt work

What output did you got in Your Labels??

Are they blank?

I have even found these both blocks useless as they didn’t help me in the past about 5-6 months ago.

i found nothing…i just think this is kodular eagle,the new one, maybe kodular developer put or modify something in this push notification…

You are right these are not working for me also, i tried to open a screen when title is that screen name , but no getting that maybe i used that wrong, but i will check today again and if works then i will post here blocks

Kodular have block Got.received shared that kodular can received value from other apps…but why they didnt fix or ever show guide how to use this block (push notification) even its only experimental…

There are many components in experimental and they are working on them to fix :100: and then it will be useful , and this maybe also useful but we are using that wrong, let me see of any user give a solution or i tried it in different way to solve

thank you, samiu8336, let us know how to use it if you already know how to use it

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I will today, when i open my laptop i will try this first and then inform

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Thanks for your concern.

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Hello everybody!
Help, how can I make a certain screen open when I receive a notification from one signal? e.g. screen 2

try, in screen 1 use blocks when push notification click, open another screen, try if they works,

I tried, it does not work

these blocks are not working as they have to work. notification received blocks is working but if app is open.

It turns out to realize the opening of another screen with a single signal does not work?

yes because this blocks dosnt work or return any value.

I found out that only this block works.

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yes as i mentioned on this working if app is running.