Specific Screen open when I send Push Notification

Is it possible to open specific screen in app which I want through Push Notification by ONESIGNAL.

Yes it Possible and i Also Want to Know it How We Can Do It In Makeroid as we can do it easily it in Android Studio.

Please Anyone Please Tell i m Also Interested. and Hw We Can Perform Specific Action in App With Notifications!

Not working onesingal notification in kodular
I have try many times but failed

may be this link can help you

Ä° use that in my app. It is working

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Como se logra eso? Necesito hacerle clock a la notoficacion y que me lleve a una pantalla especĂ­fica

in english please, the only language which is allowed is english,we have rules here. Maybe you have the splution for the person, and maybe some other people have the same erro. If you wrote in english, we all can read your answer, but with other languages nobody understand that.

Thank you

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Hi, I need to open a specific screen when I click on the push notification even when the application is closed and sorry for my bad English

As far as I know, we can’t do that yet.


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Hey Koders,
Also @Boban, it’s possible with push notifications through onesignal!! :confetti_ball:

You just need to do is make a specific hint or a word in the push notifications to open a screen.

Example : If need to open the News Screen.
Then in the push notifications blocks we can use the block When Push Notifications Clicked
Then check the pieces News in Title or Message and if it have the same word then open the Another screen named news .

I hope you would understand! And a big thanks to @KodularCreator for adding some more blocks to push notifications like when notifications click with title and message.

If it help then plz mark it as solution!

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As I said

mostly because I have never used neither push notifications or onesignal and I haven’t seen any kind of solution to this in the community.

So if you have a working solution, share with us in that case (aia, code or the best option a tutorial)


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Ya sure!
I will share it when I will implement it into my app with demo also. And if possible then will create a tutorial for this also.

(Two days before even I was not able to do it but when I checked some new blocks in push notifications after along time then I found a small trickey way to do it. )


Maybe you can tell us how:kissing_heart:

place firs block to Screen1 and if you send notification from app place second block where you send the notification. or if you send from Onsignal website note the value in while creating notification

Can you share a demo Apk or an AIA? :thinking:

I don’t have that block???

That’s because he wasn’t using One Signal. He was using the Notification component from the experimental category. Try this for One Signal…


Your title can be different, but it has to be shown as your Notification title, the screen you’re opening can also be different.

What if I want it to check if a specific word is in the title?

I got you covered!..


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aia file Please

Still not working?


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  1. What’s the title of a notification you wanna send?
  2. What method of mine are you using? 1, or 2.